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Bounethone Personal Website
Bounethone Personal Website


Bio: Bounethone Sanasinh, Age: 50 yrs, Seperated ( with 3 Children).


History: Finished From Hight School In Laos PDR in 1981.

  •   Worked as District Education Officer in 1979 in Lao PDR.
  •   Teach English as Private Teacher in Savannakhet in 1980.
  •   Live in Japan from 1989 to now.
  •   Finished Japanese Language Basic with Certificate.
  •   Had Medical Translator Certificate Japanese-Laos Languages,
  •  Work with Japanese Companies in Japan for many years.
  •  Trained in Web Creator Basic in Japan for months.
  •  Trained in JAVA Programmer in Japan for months.
  •  Established Small Office in Lao PDR in 2004 ( J.P Lane Xang   Development) in Position of Manager.
  •  Worked with Japanese Tour Company in Lao PDR for months.


Experience: Translator, Office Management, other,